Andreas Schmied, the oldest of three children, was born and raised in Styria/Austria, the son of working-class parents. He began his directing career in his teens, shooting shorts with his friends and music videos for local musicians.

Moving to Vienna in 1998 Schmied shot dozens of low budget videos where he served as his own cinematographer, editor and production designer.

In 1999, he started his own TV production company, SofaSafari, and wrote, produced and directed numerous hours of television.

In 2013, he made his feature film debut with the blue-collar comedy “Werkstürmer” (eng. “Taking it Back”), which was a success in cinemas and was a hit on iTunes and DVD. His second film “Harri Pinter Drecksau” originally made for network tv (ORF), made a big splash in cinemas, prior to its air date.

“Love Machine” his third feature film became a huge theatrical hit and won the prestigious ROMY Award for “Best Feature Film Of The Year”. After completing his fourth film “Curling for Eisenstadt”, a funny and inspiring movie about a female curling team, Andreas shot the romantic caper “Head Over Heels” (out in 2020).

He is co-founder of production company SAMSARA FILMPRODUKTION and is currently living in Vienna with his wife and son.

photo by Petra Korner